Saratoga Granite®

Classic VersatilityThe ideal landscaping complement to both American Granite™ and Corinthian Granite®, Saratoga Granite™ features a base color of Hudson River blue plus varying weathered faces that can be displayed or hidden depending upon placement and design preference.

Ticonderoga Granite®

Colorful & HeartyAn appealing mix of gray-blue, caramel, amber, blush, pale green, and deep shades of brown, Ticonderoga Granite® combines fine-grained and weathered granites within a softer, less earthen palette. The ideal landscaping complement to Wood Creek Granite®, Crown Point Granite™, and 1763 Granite®.

South Bay Quartzite™

Warm & InvitingA quartzitic sandstone with an advancing and receding surface that resembles a windswept and sandy beach. Visually smooth, yet heavily textured with a blend of tan, antique white, ice blue, amber, and brown. South Bay Quartzite® will enhance any home from warm beach cottages to cozy cabins deep in the woods.

Adirondack Mountain Fieldstone™

Rugged & Textured A rugged, natural-weather top rock reminiscent of stones used to build the great Adirondack camps and surrounding walls. Available in a wide variety of earth tone textures and colors, including weathered gray, brown, and aged buff, these are spherical stones that work in harmony with nature.