Our Company

Premium Granite, Quartzite & Fieldstone from The Adirondacks Since 1982

Natural Stone is our Passion

Michael B. Morey, circa 1982,
Champlain Stone South Bay Quarry

Champlain Stone began as a one-man quarry operation in 1982 with company president and founder Michael Morey extracting stone by hand and hauling it to the marketplace to sell. The company’s growth was fueled by the quality and beauty of the stone along with the passion and determination of those who quarried it.

As we grew, we learned quickly that it’s the market that determines our course as a company. As a result we developed a proactive approach – feeling the “pulse” of the market by listening closely to the needs of our customers and adapting to rapidly changing market trends. Over the years this philosophy brought forth new cuts and colors of stone, better packaging, quality control, and innovative merchandising.

Today, Champlain Stone Ltd.® employs more than 100 people and supplies eight distinct stone products to customers across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our high-quality natural stone is recognized throughout the industry for its rich color and texture and is specified for residential, commercial, institutional and public projects alike.

Our goal is to simply be the best at what we do and deliver for our customers.”

–Michael B. Morey, president/founder

two quarry workers in front of granite slab pallet of stone veneer

Our Mission

Our goal is to simply be the best at what we do and deliver for our customers. We fulfill our mission by consistently providing:

  • A diverse selection of affordable, quality products
  • Exceptional attention to product specifications
  • Premium packaging
  • Reasonable delivery timetables
  • Excellent customer service
  • Promotion for and education about the uses of natural stone
  • A commitment to environmental responsibility through continued best-quarrying practices
  • Ongoing mineral and quarry exploration

While staying focused on our mission, we also remember that having fun and enjoying ourselves in the work place is an important factor in our success.

Our Team

Corporate Management

Michael B. Morey

President/ Founder

Pam McCullen

Corporate Secretary

Jennifer Beadnell

Executive Assistant

James Valachovic


Michael P. Morey


Project Development

Jamie Curtis

Director of Project Development

Our Project Development team provides a specialized service to architects, designers and contractors by working as consultants in the selection /application of our natural stone products. This collaborative approach involving the client, designer, supplier and installer helps to ensure continuity of materials and process from project conception to completion.

Sales and Marketing

Katie McAllister

Director of Dealer Sales

Providing answers and solutions to thousands of customer inquiries each year, this supportive relationship with our dealer network forms the foundation for our ability to produce, package and deliver requested materials. From small consumer project to high-end home design, our team will provide the guidance and flexibility needed to complete your project.

Media Relations

Patrick Morey

Corporate Media Relations

Our Corporate Media Relations team constantly strives to produce a wide variety of promotional materials that best capture the essence of our stone. Their efforts are integral to the success of our Sales and Marketing and Project Development teams by providing visual support in response to the creative requests that ultimately result in personal and unique stone expressions.

Human Resources

Jennifer Beadnell

Human Resources

Champlain Stone has been able to meet the demands of our growing business by developing a diverse work force. If you enjoy a dynamic work environment with room to grow and have a strong work ethic, consider applying for a position at Champlain Stone. Applications for seasonal work in our quarries are accepted each year beginning March 1st. Application for Employment Families First Coronavirus Response Act